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Barang Regional Alliance Ltd (Barang) is a not-for-profit Aboriginal organisation supporting the empowerment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people on Darkinjung Land on the Central Coast of NSW.

We advocate to reform current thinking, systems and processes to deliver more effective service delivery outcomes and accountability to the Central Coast Aboriginal community.

We achieve this through our participation in the innovative Commonwealth Government Empowered Communities (EC) initiative which is being delivered in 10 regions across Australia. The National Indigenous Australians Agency provide funding to Barang to lead the design and delivery of this major Aboriginal reform agenda.

Barang is also supported through our participation in the NSW Government ‘Local Decision Making’ (LDM) initiative which aims to increase local Aboriginal involvement and decision making in the services being delivered to the community by NSW Government service providers.


Barang Regional Alliance acknowledge and pay respect to our ancestors – those that have gone before us – those who have cared for and managed these lands, seas and waterways for generations.

We acknowledge the Darkinjung people as the traditional custodians of the Central Coast – The traditional boundaries of Darkinjung (Darkinyung) land extend from the Hawkesbury River in the south, Lake Macquarie in the north, the McDonald River and Wollombi up to Mt Yengo in the west and the Pacific Ocean in the East.

We acknowledge all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who have come from various nations and now call this country home.

We acknowledge our elders who are our knowledge holders, teachers and pioneers – who have paved the way for us and upon whose shoulders we stand. We acknowledge and pay our respect to those leaders who have gone before us and recognise, respect and uphold their contribution to our people and to the community of the Central Coast.

We acknowledge our youth and our emerging leaders who are carving out future pathways and are our hope for brighter future.



Reform Agenda

Why is Barang Important to the Central Coast?

  • Indigenous culture retention – for future generations and the wider community

  • Stronger relationships and leverage – utilising our broad community network and partners

  • Empowering our people through community-led decision-making, reform and accountability

  • Working with partners to tailor regions services and investments to support Aboriginal people and organisations to build their capability and aspiration as core business activity

  • Leadership – building community capacity through culture and leadership development

The Guiding Principles of Barang

Aboriginal-led responsibility is at the heart of our principles on Indigenous reform. It is non-negotiable and assumed in all the principle listed below:

  1. Community and government programs must support Aboriginal responsibility.

  2.  Participation in our reform movement is on an opt-in basis for those eager to shape their own destinies.

  3.  All program design must be site- specific to allow for our different laws, cultures, governance and ways of making things happen.

  4.  Innovation in program design is critical and will always be encouraged. While mistakes are acceptable, we will apply what we learn each time to continually improve.

  5. Funding for programs must be based on outcomes, with communities given the flexibility for innovation, improvement and use of incentives to alter behaviours.

  6. Programs outcomes must be measured the same way each time, so we can improve how they are designed, implement and to make them more effective.

  7. We will actively seek to learn from each other and others in the business and not- for- profit sectors. We will actively seek to learn from each other and others in the business and not-for-profit sector. We will share good practices and ensure results are delivered.