About the Central Coast Aboriginal Community

Barang is based on the Central Coast of NSW. The word Barang means ‘tomorrow’ in the Darkinjung language.

The Central Coast is home to one of Australia’s largest nations of First Peoples. The Darkinjung region has one of the highest density of culturally significant sites in Australia with over 7,000 registered sites.

“The Darkinjung language, my language and the language of my people was thought  to have been lost many years ago, along with our songs, stories and dance. This left a void in our lives and we felt incomplete, not having or knowing the language of our ancestors”.

Bronwyn Chambers
Resident Elder at the Gibalee Centre, Central Coast Campus of Newcastle University and Chairperson of the Darkinjung Language Group

Our region boasts one of the fastest growing Aboriginal populations in Australia. Between 2006 (7,012) and 2011 (10,935) the population grew by 56%. This trend is continuing with the 2016 census data showing a further 13% increase to 12,485. This is leading to a high proportion of young people amongst our community with 49% of Aboriginal people under 18 and a median age of 20 years (compared to NSW average of 40 years).

Whilst Aboriginal community organisations provide invaluable support to meet these growing demands, to further enhance, develop, innovate and drive continued sustainability a collaborative effort under the Empowered Communities initiative is crucial.

The founding of Barang marks an important milestone for the Central Coast. Whilst Barang envisions challenges for the future, the work and achievements to date are already forging strong connections and relationships within the community establishing a bright future for all.

Barang Members

As a regional representative body our membership is comprised of seven lead Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

About - Bara Barang logo

Bara Barang Corporation

Youth, Cultural strengthening

Bara Barang is an Aboriginal Central Coast Corporation providing innovative programs, events, and services to engage Aboriginal people and especially youth. We aim to create a self-determined and empowered community to improve school retention, build leadership and promote vocational learning and employment opportunities, all within a culturally relevant context.


About - Gudiag logo

Gudjagang Ngara Ii-dhi Aboriginal Corporation  (GNL)

Transformation through Connections.

Gudjagang Ngara li-dhi Aboriginal Corporation has been established since 2013. It is a not for profit Aboriginal community organisation committed to:

Providing quality and supportive programs and services that empower the lives of our young Aboriginal children, young people and families living in Darkinyung Country.

Providing programs that offer positive opportunities for inclusion in relationships, community experiences and activities, connections through country, spirituality and culture that promote a true sense of belonging and happiness.

Building partnerships to enhance service delivery to children and families.


About - Mingaletta

Mingaletta Aboriginal Corporation

Family support, Stolen generations

Mingaletta is the only Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community hub based in the Umina and Woy Woy area of the Central Coast.

Our not for profit hub provides access to a range of community-based activities, programs and services including health, welfare and educational programs aimed at improving the quality of life for our people.

At Mingaletta, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are welcome to be a part of a community and celebrate their culture.

As a proud member of Barang, Mingaletta is working with other organisations of the Central Coast to empower Aboriginal people through a unified voice.


About - Naisda Logo

NAISDA Dance College

NAISDA Dance College is Australia’s premier Indigenous training college, with a proud tradition of producing the next generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performers since 1976.

NAISDA offers full-time, nationally accredited education and qualifications in Dance and Performance for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. NAISDA’s world-class expertise in cultural and creative training not only gives its Developing Artists the skills, qualifications and confidence to pursue professional career pathways, it also plays a considerable role in empowerment and self-determination.


About - Yerin Logo

Yerin Aboriginal Health Services Inc

Yerin Eleanor Duncan Aboriginal Health Service’s purpose is to provide high-quality patient, community and family centred primary health care to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities of the NSW Central Coast, Darkinjung country. We address the real and diverse health needs of our community by providing holistic comprehensive and culturally responsive care to our patient’s, community and families. This is provided through our Primary Health Care Clinic, outreach and integrated programs.


The Barang Board

The first Board of Barang Regional Alliance was officially appointed in 2015.  The current Board consists of: the Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson and 6 board members.

The Board’s role is to provide direction and support for the backbone organisation in driving organisational and systemic reform to create an empowered community where local Aboriginal people can enjoy the same health and socio-economic standards as non Aboriginal people.

Vickie Parry

Director & Co-Chair 

Opt in Organisation:

Belinda Field


Opt in Organisation:

Simone Hudson


Opt in Organisation:
Gudjagang Ngara Li-dhi (GNL)

Kim Walker


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Kate Kelleher

Director & Co-Chair

Opt in Organisation:
Bara Barang

Stephen Collins


Opt in Organisation:
Bara Barang 

Lizzie Keys


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Gudjagang Ngara Li-Dhi  

Mark Colles


Opt in Organisation:

Dianne O’Brien


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Membership of Barang Regional Alliance is open to Aboriginal organisations located on the Central Coast of NSW. Please contact us for details on how to become a member.


Artwork Title:

Barang (meaning Tomorrow in Darkinjung Language)

Acrylic on canvas.


This artwork represents Community groups coming together on Darkinjung Country working and uniting towards our future.
The four stars in each corner represent North, South, East and West. The background colours represent Country, land, sky and sea.


Ammie Howell is a Penangke Skin woman from the Arrernte people, Alice Springs, Northern Territory. Her dreaming comes from the Ntyarlke (Caterpillar). She was born and raised on Wathaurong Country, Geelong Victoria. Ammie lived on Darkinjung Country Central Coast NSW, with her partner, a Bundjalung man, and their 6 young children, before returning to Wathaurong Country.

Ammie began painting in her early 20’s alongside her mother and mother-in-law. Her works have been sold nationally and internationally. A number of her works have been donated to raise money for cancer research and also donated artworks to  Aboriginal organisations towards cultural activities.

Ammie has worked with artists in local schools on Darkinjung country to produce works for a permanent exhibition on the boardwalk at Terrigal. She has also worked within schools to teach children about her Culture and Art.

Ammie is an Aboriginal Artist who uses patterns, colour, shape and design to create paintings that portrays a sense of country, culture and self.