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The Empower Youth Summit will be held on 23-25 February 2019 at the Broken Bay Sport & Rec camping site in Brooklyn. The Summit is free for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth, on a first-come basis. We have 150 places for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth aged 13 years to 25 years. Event registration registration includes overnight accomodation, recreational activities, food and travel by bus and ferry. Youth costs are covered by our generous sponsors and partners.

Barang Regional Alliance will provide qualified adult volunteers to supervise the youth.

Register by completing these three steps:

  1. Register your details with us online below;
  2. Provide us a parental/guardian permission if you’re under 18 years (we’ll be in touch once you register); and
  3. Complete your medical and food preferences form online.

is vital that you enter the following details to complete the online form by Saturday, 2nd February, 2019

Booking Number 553093

Booking Start Date 23/02/2019

Booking Venue Broken Bay Sport and Recreation Centre