Barang Regional Alliance Media Release October 2018

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Barang Regional Alliance Principles

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Barang pathway to empowerment reform agenda overview 16 July 2018

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Communique Indigenous Data Sovereignty

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Barang Community Joint Decision Making Panel

Joint Decision Making Community Panel EoI’s launched Click here to learn more.

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Newsletter Issue 1

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Barang Submission to reform commitee

Barang Regional Alliance submission to the Joint Select Committee

Dear Committee members,

1. I am writing on behalf of the Board of Barang Regional Alliance (Barang) which is the Empowered Communities (EC) regional backbone organisation for the Central Coast in NSW which is one of nine Empowered Communities regions around Australia. We are the peak Aboriginal representative […]

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Barang Regional Alliance Media Release


Barang Regional Alliance has taken another significant step toward its goal of empowering the Central Coast’s Aboriginal community by submitting a ‘Statement of Claim’ to State and Commonwealth governments.

Entering into these formal agreements with government agencies will allow Barang to enact real […]

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Barang Statement of Claim

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On 17th April, Barang Regional Alliance took another significant step toward its goal of empowering the local Central Coast Aboriginal Community with the formal lodgement of its ‘Statement of Claim (SoC) toward a NSW Local Decision Making Regional Accord Agreement and Commonwealth Empowered Communities Regional […]

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Media Release – Empowering Aboriginal Youth a Top Priority for Barang Regional Alliance

Barang Regional Alliance (Barang) is taking action to invest in the future of Aboriginal Youth through its appointment as a regional alliance delivering the Commonwealth Government Empowered Communities initiative.

The Central Coast Aboriginal community is uniquely placed as it is the fastest growing Aboriginal community in Australia, which makes it overwhelmingly young, […]

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