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Empowered Communities

A new national Indigenous reform initiative currently being piloted in 8 regions across Australia by Commonwealth Department Prime Minister and Cabinet. It fosters Indigenous-led, locally-driven decision making to restore balance to the relationship between government and Indigenous Australians. It is about Indigenous people taking greater responsibility, and developing and leading their own plans for change.


EC – Empowered Peoples Design Report 2015

EC Report Central Coast 2017

Aboriginal Affairs

NSW Local Decision Making (LDM)

A new Statewide initiative under the NSW Ochre Aboriginal Affairs Strategy, it is driven by NSW Department Premier & Cabinet to provide Aboriginal communities with increased support and capacity to have more control over the delivery and coordination of government services, and for government to support community-identified priorities. It provides a pathway for Government to become more flexible and responsive to the needs of Aboriginal communities, and recognise Aboriginal leadership and decision-making.


LDM Conference Report 2017

LDM Policy Framework 2017

Local Decision Making Infographic

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Barang partners with Jawun to form partnerships between Aboriginal organisations and corporate and government to improve the lives of Indigenous people around the country by supporting Indigenous communities on the ground.


Jawun Case Study Supporting Collaboration

Jawun Learning & Insights Corporate and Government Partners 2015

Jawun Learning & Insights Indigenous Partners 2017

Jawun Learning & Insights Indigenous-Led Innovation and Empowerment 2014