Community Engagement & Survey results

Currently the Aboriginal community has limited opportunity to influence and improve the services being delivered to its members.  These concerns were repeatedly expressed through our community consultations in 2017 as was the overwhelming support of our empowerment objectives.

Our consultations revealed frustration from both the Aboriginal community and also government agencies and service providers about the lack of effective consultation and limited involvement of the community in regional decision-making forums.

Barang was very busy during 2017 consulting with the Aboriginal community through:-

• Guidance from its 7 ‘Opt In’ Aboriginal Organisation members

• Conducting over 400 surveys with our young people

• Holding 5 Community Workshops across the region

• Attending many Community Events Conducting three strategic reviews

What our Young People Say…

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Health and Well-being

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This consultation has confirmed that the community wants Barang to focus on an Empowered Youth regional development agenda as its first priority.

Empowered Youth First Priority

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What are we working on?

Barang is the community led voice of the Central Coast Aboriginal community with the aim of reforming how government designs, delivers and funds services to this Aboriginal community.

Barang’s Strategy – Regional Structural Reform Priorities

We strive to achieve 4 key objectives to enable us to achieve a long term, sustainable shift ‘from control to empowerment.’  We strive for structural reform we understand our history, and where we want to be. To address Aboriginal disparity Governments must relinquish control and recognise Aboriginal Peoples’ RIGHT to empower themselves to develop socially, culturally and economically.

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How can you get involved?