Empower Youth Summit 2020

We invite you to sponsor the Empower Youth Summit 2020 – a unique event that brings Aboriginal people aged 13 to 25 on Darkinjung country across the Central Coast together to connect, share their stories and be heard.

The youth summit provides a culturally safe place to explore identity – one of the most important factors for wellbeing identified by young Aboriginal people in the region.

Given most Aboriginal people on the Central Coast are under 25, the summit is a unique chance to understand the needs of a key demographic to better inform planning and target services.

Who are we?

Barang Regional Alliance is a not-for-profit leading structural reform for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people on Darkinjung land on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

The Alliance works to empower communities in the region by partnering with Indigenous organisations, government and corporate Australia. It aims to give local communities a genuine voice in determining what and how services are delivered.

The 2020 Youth Summit is a chance to hear from young Aboriginal people.

This is an event inspired by and for young Aboriginal people on the Central Coast.

The event will bring together young Aboriginal people from across the region with diverse backgrounds and abilities. Every young person attending, regardless of socio-economic background or ability will be able to participate and be heard.

With your support we will be able to provide each young person attending the summit with access to a range of experiences and cultural activities so that cost is not a barrier to young people participating in the event. Allowing participants to attend the summit for free will enable all interested youth to attend so that a diversity of voices can be heard. Your donations will help make this a reality.

Every young person attending, regardless of socio-economic background will be able to participate in these activities, be provided with transport to the summit and receive a sleeping bag, pillow and toiletries.

In Darkinjung, the ancestral language of the Central Coast, barang means tomorrow. With almost 60 per cent of Aboriginal people in the region under the age of 25, listening to these young Aboriginal voices is essential to delivering effective services that meet the needs of tomorrow.

About the Empower Youth Summit 2020

The Empower Youth Summit 2020 will provide 150 young Aboriginal people aged 13 to 25 from various Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander backgrounds across the Central Coast with a chance to explore and understand their relationship to cultural identity.

The summit is part of a broader objective of empowering Aboriginal youth on the Central Coast region to become stronger, more confident in understanding their cultural identity, and to take more control of their lives and understand their rights.

Understand priorities for young Aboriginal people through youth-led discussion

provide a platform for Aboriginal youth on the Central Coast to talk about issues they care about

inform the discussion around service planning with a youth-led perspective

The Empower Youth Summit 2020 is culturally safe. Over two days it provides an opportunity for Aboriginal youth to explore and navigate the complexities of their identity with their peers.

All activities will be carried out under the supervision of qualified volunteers. New South Wales Government, Parks and Recreation staff will also supervise outdoor activities.

The summit will have a strong focus on equity, diversity and inclusion. Issues of significance to our young people that were identified by young people and will be reflected at Empower Youth Summit 2020 include:

Culture and identity | Health and wellbeing, particularly mental health | education and continual learning

The Barang Youth Strategy was informed by the Empower Youth Summit 2019

The strategy includes actions to improve the well being of young Aboriginal people on the Central Coast. The strategy is focused around improving youth infrastructure, opportunities for connection and engagement and access.

Empower Youth

Summit 2020 program

Over two days, the summit provides a culturally safe environment for young Aboriginal people. The program includes:

• a series of yarns in small groups and activities
• an overnight camping and cultural experience,
• a mix recreational experience and cultural activities

Sponorship Benefits

The Empower Youth Summit 2020 builds on last year’s summit that demonstrated the value of the insights and feedback provided by young people at the event.

Young people asked for:
• greater access to culturally appropriate services and supports across the Coast
• greater awareness of the available services and supports, and
• increased cultural knowledge.

Your sponsorship will help support innovative thinking across the region by building connections, and as a result capability development in its emerging workforce. You are sponsoring an event with a large social media footprint.

We invite you to partner with us to deliver this unique and culturally rich experience. As part of the Empower Youth Summit 2020, you will be part of an event that will:

Have an active social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Be actively promoted at schools and vocational and tertiary institutions and by working to attract local media coverage

Include a summary of the event using visual media

Build a bank of images and photos of the event

Develop and publish a report on the event

As an Empower Youth Summit 2020 partner sponsor you will also have access to a range of opportunities that link to this event.
We are offering a range options to partner with us. These include as a major sponsor, in-kind contributions and sponsoring a young person to attend. Sponsorship options are outlined on the following page.

If you are interested in sponsoring the summit, please contact Gary Field at gary.field@barang.org.au or Glenda Simpson at admin@barang.org.au.

Young people have said that the summit can’t be a one-off event, they want their connections to continue.

They also clearly expressed that the summit needs to be the start of a conversation that continues with young people, because their needs are complex and may change with successive generations.

2019 Youth Summit Report

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship benefits

Platinum $20,000

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Bronze $5,000

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Mentions (as agreed)

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Other opportunities 
Youth sponsorAcknowledgement on event website and program
In-kind contributorLogos on printed program, event website, mention in summit report

Please contact Gary Field at gary.field@barang.org.au or Glenda Simpson at admin@barang.org.au if you would like to discuss partnering with us on this event.